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The English part of this website consists of 1 page. Scroll down for the latest news, information about the artist and the oil pastel technique, have a look at the products such as paintings, postcards and posters and get inspired by the most recent art. Please contact me if you want to have more information.

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Buy my book containing all you need to know about the oil pastel technique was published at the end of 2022.


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Meet the artist


Discover the oil pastel technique

Baukje works with ‘Van Gogh’ oil pastels that can be used on paper, canvas and wood. She uses sunflower oil or linseed oil as a medium. Her paintings consist of different layers of oil pastel and medium. The colours become more and more intense because of the different layers. The result of this technique is a warm and colourful painting. She finds ‘colour & movement’, ‘polarity' like light and darkness and ‘individual self studies’ very important in her way of working. She also works with acryl which she combines with oil pastel. If you want more information on oil pastel please visit Wikipedia.


Colour & movement

Colour and movement are two important characteristics of my work. Both characteristics are part of every course and workshop Baukje gives. By bringing movement in the colours we’re basically looking for a question and an answer. Sometimes the answer leads to an abstract painting and sometimes it leads to unexpected figurative art. This is exciting and often surprising for both students and myself. Some classes also start with a clear goal in mind. For example: painting landscapes, horizons, flowers, the sea, trees, the air, etc. During the season I try to make sure that classes weekly change.



To have an exciting and inspiring painting as a result of the process it always helps to look for polarities: rough or smooth, light or dark, serene or restless, straight or curved, tension and relaxation, etc. As long as the colours become more intense. We also look at the composition of the painting: is it in balance or do we want to deliberately want to unbalance it ? We’ll come across it all during the painting process.

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Small studies

When preparing for creating a large painting  Baukje makes small examples and figurative and abstract cards to practise and to come to the essence of what she wants to share with her students. This is what makes Baukje unique. Each individual self study helps Baukje to prepare the lessons for the students and workshop participants and to provide them with a unique experience. She has already created thousands of self studies which she uses during her lessons and workshops.

You can also buy her self studies which can be used as a giftcard for a birthday, wedding, funeral or other special occasion.

About oil pastel


Baukje is a Dutch artist living and working in Doorn which is in the middle of The Netherlands. She is specialized in painting with oil pastels which is a unique technique resulting in colourful and picturesque art. Through the years she has developped her own style. Nature, seasons, Texel (one of the islands in the north of The Netherlands) and the anthroposophy inspire her. Often parts of her collection are associated with Steiner art or Waldorf art. She also works with acrylic, ink and other materials and mixes them with oil pastel.



Her mission is to share this unique technique with many other people in- and outside The Netherlands. She is doing this by giving courses and workshops, selling paintings and sharing her art through social media. A few years ago she started selling art postcards and posters in the Netherlands, Germany, Siwtzerland, Austria, Sweden and Norway.



Baukje studied at the Academy of Pedagogy in The Netherlands and graduated in 1996. After her study she worked 9 years as a teacher in Utrecht. In 2004 she decided to start her atelier, Atelier Exler, which enables her to combine pedagogy and art.


Buy my paintings

In the following gallery you'll find a part of my paintings collection which you can buy or borrow through my art rental service (service available only in The Netherlands). Please contact me if you're interested in a painting or any question you may have. Also contact me if you do not reside in The Netherlands.

In the following gallery you'll find a part of my postcard and poster collection which you can buy in my webshop and in other (web)shops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Norway. Please contact me if you are a consumer and if you're are not able to buy my cards or if you represent a company who wants to resell my cards and/or posters in- or outside The Netherlands. Have a look at 'Kaarten' in the Dutch part of my website for all my post cards.

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